1981 / NWOBHM #2

Wanna know what bands LARS ULRICH & I spent a good couple hours ecstatically celebrating? I suggest you turn on P4 ROCK RADIO TONIGHT SUNDAY 11PM (Swedish time) or simply link your way over whenever’s a good time for you (I’ll post the link tomorrow)

Prepare yourself for a NWOBHM gold mine – straight from the UK, gathered and recorded by me – here, in front of the metal mecca of LA, The Rainbow; get the basics facts around this short lived genre, and why I love it, along with songs never aired on radio, well, hardly any media, but so inspirational to big rock and metal acts all over the world.
For you all listening tonight, you might not be able to go straight to bed afterwards (-although I do give you a little NWOBHM lullaby at the end) For those, bringing it for the morning run, congrats, you’ll easily RUN TO THE HILLS (ba-dum tsss)
Oh, and also, to spice it up a bit, I threw in some songs from my birth year, 1981, pretty great year, before hell broke loose in the recording studios!
ENJOY – and THANKS for listening!

Mixing: Tommie Riot Nissilä
Executive Producer: Susan Myrdal
Photo: Nathan Arling


THE QUEEN OF PERCUSSION, drummer of PRINCE and very much an artist of her own – SHEILA E! (Except from us both being SONGWRITING DRUMMERS and ladies we have one more thing in common; two completely messed up feet after playing drums for years in high heels)
-also, added on my YouTube channel, the fine documentary BEWARE OF MR BAKER (Ginger Baker) for those who haven’t seen it, enjoy!