My favorite, CALIFORNIA episode TONIGHT 11PM, P4 ROCK RADIO; gathered a brief history of CALIFORNIA MUSIC, an hour reasons why I’m here – why new bands are here, where we all came from, can you tell what bands are from waves vs concrete?
Enjoy – and THANK YOU, music lovers, for listening!


I’ve gathered some fine TEXAS tunes on my YouTube Channel, ROY ORBISON performing with TOM WAITS/BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN/ELVIS COSTELLO – ZZ-TOP live from Sthlm, the documentary “You’re gonna Miss Me” about the sweet voice of ROKY ERICKSON – and this, of course; Strong brave WOMEN RULE!


SO, TEXAS episode of P4 ROCK RADIO, I bring you all the way to Willie Nelson’s Pedernales River, to the roots of COUNTRY/BLUES (Lightnin’ Hopkins etc) and where that led us in terms of ROCK music today; TONIGHT SUNDAY 11 PM (post link tomorrow) -ENJOY and thanks for listening!


Have an AWESOME FRIDAY everyone! Some weekend entertainment added on my YouTube channel; from the CHICAGO scene, MUDDY WATERS / WILLIE DIXON – YOU NEED LOVE (in other words, Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love) ALSO a great performance by the next generations cheep beer rockers THE ORWELLS – see you SUNDAY, 11 PM – TEXAS time!

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YouTube channel updated with inspirational videos for the CHICAGO episode, I HIGHLY suggest you to go in there and have a look; THE CHESS RECORDS stories are quite remarkable, – and so is this Chicago band URGE OVERKILL cover of the NEIL DIAMOND song GIRL YOU’LL BE A WOMAN SOON – as you know, the soundtrack of PULP FICTON, -this is a reminder of what happens when two amazing artforms collide, – enjoy!


So P4 ROCK RADIO TONIGHT the MUSIC OF CHICAGO 11 PM! Follow me to CHESS RECORDS (Muddy Waters, Don Dixon, Aretha Franklin – Rolling Stones first album etc) DOUBLE DOOR – the legendary music venue capturing the 90’s WICKER PARK scene (Liz Phair, Urge Overkill, Veruca Salt) – as well as today’s rock scene, I’d LOVE it if you’d have a listen and tell me what you think – cheers from Lollapalooza! (Where The Lemon Twigs, and Royal Blood’s showing ROCK ISN’T DEAD – although Chance the Rapper’s the future) -Varsågoda, enjoy!! And THANKS for listening

Tygers Of Pan Tang – Paris By Air

Ok, I’m getting ready for CHICAGO in a few hours – don’t forget to listen to the P4 ROCK RADIO SHOW, SUNDAY 11PM, I’ll give you the CHESS RECORD story, the BUDDY GUY songs, the WICKER PARK scene, I had so much fun putting it together, this homage for SWEDEN’S SECOND BIGGEST CITY IN THE BEGINNING OF 1900 – CHICAGO!

UNTIL THEN, I’ve gathered some more AWSOME videos on my YouTube channel, all inspirational for the 1981 / NWOBHM episode, this one almost have some MADONNA feel to the chorus, – I said almost, watch and enjoy, and see you Sunday!


OK, here’s the original version of AM I EVIL – DIAMOND HEAD, – and why I like it!
I do appreciate the testosterone feel to a lot of pure rock n roll music, but NWOBHM IS SO MUCH MORE DELICATE, for good – look at the clothes? Listen to his voice?! There’s nothing brutal about that, and yet IT IS; it’s RAW and unpretentious, HEAVY but feather light; it’s NEW WAVE and it’s HEAVY METAL – why choose, when they go together like denim and leather?

NWOBHM was a great step from the British punk scene; it kept the feel and attitude, and added more melodies – sung by AWSOME SINGERS with wide range, swing and great control (often using a quick subtle vibrato) no growling (not that there’s anything wrong with growling, but you’d have to go somewhere else for it)
If you start digging into the world of NWOBHM; you’ll find it’s almost a little CHEAP TRICK, almost a little THIN LIZZY or BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, and I’d be surprised if not some of that, came from bands like these, -Enjoy! The whole of it!

Metallica / Diamond Head – Am I Evil

“HELLOOO – THIS THING ON MF’RS??!” Lars Ulrich introducing his all time favorite NWOBHM band DIAMOND HEAD – You gotta love his enthusiasm, and keep in mind, folks, dubble-drumming on adrenalin, from realizing you’re playing with your idols is NOT easy (I’ll post my favorite version later) You’ll find all videos on my YouTube Channel “1981 / NWOBHM” -Enjoy!