OK, here’s the original version of AM I EVIL – DIAMOND HEAD, – and why I like it!
I do appreciate the testosterone feel to a lot of pure rock n roll music, but NWOBHM IS SO MUCH MORE DELICATE, for good – look at the clothes? Listen to his voice?! There’s nothing brutal about that, and yet IT IS; it’s RAW and unpretentious, HEAVY but feather light; it’s NEW WAVE and it’s HEAVY METAL – why choose, when they go together like denim and leather?

NWOBHM was a great step from the British punk scene; it kept the feel and attitude, and added more melodies – sung by AWSOME SINGERS with wide range, swing and great control (often using a quick subtle vibrato) no growling (not that there’s anything wrong with growling, but you’d have to go somewhere else for it)
If you start digging into the world of NWOBHM; you’ll find it’s almost a little CHEAP TRICK, almost a little THIN LIZZY or BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, and I’d be surprised if not some of that, came from bands like these, -Enjoy! The whole of it!

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Josephine Forsman

Josephine Forsman is Swedish drummer/songwriter. She is one of the four founders of the rock band Sahara Hotnights. She's played behind artist such as Swedish singer Robyn, and Per Gessle (Roxette) She's been the host of a number of TV shows, such as Songs That Changed Music, where she met with iconic musicians such as Dave Davies (The Kinks) Michelle Phillips (The Mamas&The Papas) Tommy Ramone (The Ramones) She's currently living in L.A.