My favorite, CALIFORNIA episode TONIGHT 11PM, P4 ROCK RADIO; gathered a brief history of CALIFORNIA MUSIC, an hour reasons why I’m here – why new bands are here, where we all came from, can you tell what bands are from waves vs concrete?
Enjoy – and THANK YOU, music lovers, for listening!


I’ve gathered some fine TEXAS tunes on my YouTube Channel, ROY ORBISON performing with TOM WAITS/BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN/ELVIS COSTELLO – ZZ-TOP live from Sthlm, the documentary “You’re gonna Miss Me” about the sweet voice of ROKY ERICKSON – and this, of course; Strong brave WOMEN RULE!


SO, TEXAS episode of P4 ROCK RADIO, I bring you all the way to Willie Nelson’s Pedernales River, to the roots of COUNTRY/BLUES (Lightnin’ Hopkins etc) and where that led us in terms of ROCK music today; TONIGHT SUNDAY 11 PM (post link tomorrow) -ENJOY and thanks for listening!


Have an AWESOME FRIDAY everyone! Some weekend entertainment added on my YouTube channel; from the CHICAGO scene, MUDDY WATERS / WILLIE DIXON – YOU NEED LOVE (in other words, Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love) ALSO a great performance by the next generations cheep beer rockers THE ORWELLS – see you SUNDAY, 11 PM – TEXAS time!

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YouTube channel updated with inspirational videos for the CHICAGO episode, I HIGHLY suggest you to go in there and have a look; THE CHESS RECORDS stories are quite remarkable, – and so is this Chicago band URGE OVERKILL cover of the NEIL DIAMOND song GIRL YOU’LL BE A WOMAN SOON – as you know, the soundtrack of PULP FICTON, -this is a reminder of what happens when two amazing artforms collide, – enjoy!


So P4 ROCK RADIO TONIGHT the MUSIC OF CHICAGO 11 PM! Follow me to CHESS RECORDS (Muddy Waters, Don Dixon, Aretha Franklin – Rolling Stones first album etc) DOUBLE DOOR – the legendary music venue capturing the 90’s WICKER PARK scene (Liz Phair, Urge Overkill, Veruca Salt) – as well as today’s rock scene, I’d LOVE it if you’d have a listen and tell me what you think – cheers from Lollapalooza! (Where The Lemon Twigs, and Royal Blood’s showing ROCK ISN’T DEAD – although Chance the Rapper’s the future) -Varsågoda, enjoy!! And THANKS for listening

Tygers Of Pan Tang – Paris By Air

Ok, I’m getting ready for CHICAGO in a few hours – don’t forget to listen to the P4 ROCK RADIO SHOW, SUNDAY 11PM, I’ll give you the CHESS RECORD story, the BUDDY GUY songs, the WICKER PARK scene, I had so much fun putting it together, this homage for SWEDEN’S SECOND BIGGEST CITY IN THE BEGINNING OF 1900 – CHICAGO!

UNTIL THEN, I’ve gathered some more AWSOME videos on my YouTube channel, all inspirational for the 1981 / NWOBHM episode, this one almost have some MADONNA feel to the chorus, – I said almost, watch and enjoy, and see you Sunday!


OK, here’s the original version of AM I EVIL – DIAMOND HEAD, – and why I like it!
I do appreciate the testosterone feel to a lot of pure rock n roll music, but NWOBHM IS SO MUCH MORE DELICATE, for good – look at the clothes? Listen to his voice?! There’s nothing brutal about that, and yet IT IS; it’s RAW and unpretentious, HEAVY but feather light; it’s NEW WAVE and it’s HEAVY METAL – why choose, when they go together like denim and leather?

NWOBHM was a great step from the British punk scene; it kept the feel and attitude, and added more melodies – sung by AWSOME SINGERS with wide range, swing and great control (often using a quick subtle vibrato) no growling (not that there’s anything wrong with growling, but you’d have to go somewhere else for it)
If you start digging into the world of NWOBHM; you’ll find it’s almost a little CHEAP TRICK, almost a little THIN LIZZY or BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, and I’d be surprised if not some of that, came from bands like these, -Enjoy! The whole of it!

Metallica / Diamond Head – Am I Evil

“HELLOOO – THIS THING ON MF’RS??!” Lars Ulrich introducing his all time favorite NWOBHM band DIAMOND HEAD – You gotta love his enthusiasm, and keep in mind, folks, dubble-drumming on adrenalin, from realizing you’re playing with your idols is NOT easy (I’ll post my favorite version later) You’ll find all videos on my YouTube Channel “1981 / NWOBHM” -Enjoy!

1981 / NWOBHM #2

Wanna know what bands LARS ULRICH & I spent a good couple hours ecstatically celebrating? I suggest you turn on P4 ROCK RADIO TONIGHT SUNDAY 11PM (Swedish time) or simply link your way over whenever’s a good time for you (I’ll post the link tomorrow)

Prepare yourself for a NWOBHM gold mine – straight from the UK, gathered and recorded by me – here, in front of the metal mecca of LA, The Rainbow; get the basics facts around this short lived genre, and why I love it, along with songs never aired on radio, well, hardly any media, but so inspirational to big rock and metal acts all over the world.
For you all listening tonight, you might not be able to go straight to bed afterwards (-although I do give you a little NWOBHM lullaby at the end) For those, bringing it for the morning run, congrats, you’ll easily RUN TO THE HILLS (ba-dum tsss)
Oh, and also, to spice it up a bit, I threw in some songs from my birth year, 1981, pretty great year, before hell broke loose in the recording studios!
ENJOY – and THANKS for listening!

Mixing: Tommie Riot Nissilä
Executive Producer: Susan Myrdal
Photo: Nathan Arling